upj-wll-wht-ppl-kll-bm-tWill White People Kill Obama Too?

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6 Responses to Will White People Kill Obama Too? (FEATURING: MARTIN LUTHER KING JR & JESUS THE CHRIST)

  1. Hey stupid false-muslim niggers that read this page…

    Melanoma only has a 10% fatality rate, and all other skin cancer forms have a <1% fatality rate. So God is not punishing any white people. If anything, your non-existent God is punishing you shit-skins with HIV-AIDS which is eradicating niggers by the millions in Africa, not to mention earthquakes (alla Haiti).

    Yea, hope they kill Obama. I bet you do now too. Seeing as how he used you fucking stupid niggers to get elected and left you dumb porch monkeys out in the cold.

    • Antioch Hades says:

      You appear to be lost in the fantasy of Western science propaganda and your own ignorance. Although they are the safest place for you, know that (although Western science [most of the time] denies it) Melanoma & the skin plagues are already the greatest epidemic on the planet. They are far greater than AIDs (which is curable). It’s not just about executions, though, it’s also about shame. Basal & Squamous Cell Carcinoma, for example are very easy to assign. Your statements reveal you have no idea what Mother Nature & Father Time (the sun) are setting you weak skinned, immune deficient mutants up for.

      Melanoma and the skin plaques afflicting the devil are now considered an epidemic. To the contrary, there are cases in both America and Africa where both (black) parents have full blown AIDS and the children are being born without it. Many attribute it to the “magic Gene” i.e. the same thing in us that changed the gene structure to that of the Sickle to prevent us (Africa) from being wiped out by Malaria. There are no known cases where this has occured with two white parents. Go figure. Additionally, you may want to see: Sickle Cell VS Melanoma For Dummies. – publisher Slaughter Lightfoot

      It didn’t take superiority to make AIDs, only wickedness.

      Antioch Hades

      • truth says:

        “will white people kill obama too?”

        I hope so fuck that piece of shit.

        He just took a shit on our constitution, black or white it doesn’t matter, get over your pride of thinking “wow, we got a black man in the oval office!” I’m a white kid from utah and that fuckin nazi is whiter than me, open your mind motherfuckers.

  2. That'sInteresting says:

    It is very interesting that no one has recognized all the hate and ill will that has been supplanted into the psyches of black, white, mexican, indian, etc. peoples. I believe that if for once people (in general) actually took the time to think for theirselves instead of spewing out all the convoluted ideas and thoughts that other people have had, then we all might actually reach a higher level of thinking. But that is not going to happen until people like FuckStupidNiggers stops intentionally backing the redneck, antagonist thought process and and Yacub 7 Ali is asking black people to cross their eyes at white people to try and give them cancer (the melanoma cancer that is being referred to are moles; if actually researched one may learn that a “scientific study” has been done and people with moles and freckles are actually more resistant to skin cancer then other perfectly complexioned people) Open your eyes people please. Half the time I think people just want a reason to be angry about something. Get a life, look around you, we are all suffering. And if this stupid, mindless, zombie reasoning continues, I expect there will be a race war before long. And honestly I could give a fuck less who wins because my God doesn’t give a fuck about what you look like. Why don’t you pick on retards next, that’s really noble, I’m sure you will get a big pat on the back.

    • Antioch Hades says:

      That’s Interesting,

      You said,
      When opportunity provides, see: “number of moles” skin cancer.

      Antioch Hades

    • Wyze says:

      ….Whats Interesting Is Your Statement That People Arent Thinking For Themselves, While Simultaneously Spitting Subliminal Religious Rhetoric -“..My God Doesnt Give A Fuck What You Look Like…” Which Is An Ideology Obviously Given To You. And Speaking Of Spotting- I Was Curious As To The Science And Mechanics Behind It. Now That (He’s?) Mentioned It Bro. Antioch, Are The Instructions Too Straight Forward And Practical? Guess I’ll Find Out….Lmao…….While Also Setting The Record Straight On Your Moled And Freckled Skin That Is “Resistant” To Skin Cancer…Read On:
      What Causes Moles?

      The number of moles that develop in an individual is determined by both genetic (inherited) factors and by sun exposure. Childhood and early teenage years are the times when sunlight influences the development of new moles most strongly. There is no evidence that hormonal factors (such as puberty) play a role in causing new moles.

      How Many Moles Should we Have?

      Australians have large numbers of moles by world standards, perhaps because of high sun exposure in childhood. Many Australians have up to 100 moles that are 2mm or more in size by the age of fifteen years. The more moles, the higher the risk of melanoma.

      What is the Significance of Having a Large Number of Moles?

      Individuals with large numbers of moles (more than 100) are at greater risk of developing melanoma. As the number of moles increases, so does the risk of developing melanoma.

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