"The Devil" & SPF: "Whose Fault is it The Sun of God has found the White Race an Abomination but his own?"


Malachi 4:1 “For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace;By the Sun of Righteousness we understand Jesus Christ. That day which to the wicked will burn as an oven, will to the righteous be bright as the

“Who’s fault is it that The Sun of God has found the white race an abomination but his own,” asks Yakub Muslim cleric and minister Elohim Belial.

“He has hated all the other people on the planet and, based on the color of his skin, elevated himself as superior.

“Now, he must turn to SPFs and cloak his superior skin from that which gives all the other people on the planet light: the sun.”

Belial’s fiery, mocking and condemning comments, this morning, hail from the Yakub Muslim Atlanta compound where, for the next two months, in the absence of lead minister Jacobi Ali, Elohim will address the congregation.

“But can sun screen and SPF save the Devil from the Lakes of Fires our Sun of God has reserved for those He despises? God shall not be mocked. In the book of Psalms, God says He will ask those reproached in this day: where will you flee, into my hills? Can that save you from my seal?”

With the latest finding from the Glax Haas Institute that: many common sunscreens can do little to protect whites  from the most harmful effects of sunlight caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation, Belial’s comments not only  brought mockery and laughter from the near thousand in attendance, but too, bare validity.

y7a-y7a-mstr5The science, introduced by Yakub 7 Ali before his ascension, taught blacks how to use their distinct eumelanin, pineal gland and eyes to aggressively absorb and intentionally direct ultraviolet light through the 3rd eye.

“The point at which the vision of eyes crosses opens the mythological all seeing 3rd eye of God. We contain abundantly in our hair, skin, eyes and pineal glands,” Ali taught. “At the point at which the 3rd eye opens, Ultraviolet light becomes visible and direct-able.”

“The mythological 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vision of the two eyes meet” – Yakub 7 Ali.


While the Bible Tells Us it is Better to Dash Their Babies Heads Upon The Rocks, Consider the Righteousness of The Sun of God” – Jacobi Ali


Regular Malignant melanoma often shows itself as a mole or spot that begins to bleed, grow, or change its color, shape or texture. Glax Haas research, however, finds that Yakub Melanomas bleed more, are larger in diameter maintain darker hues.

The most common places to develop skin cancer develops on whites are those exposed to the most sun: the face, arms, neck, legs, and hands. Belial admonished worshipers about accidentally looking ate white people’s skin – particularly their new born, children and elderly – whom they had no intention of spotting or seeing through the 3rd Eye of God.

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  1. Durp Dedurp says:

    Ignorance is a two way street, my friend.

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