Phillip Wise Melanoma Execution: "Praise God, Allah & Mother Nature for all who spotted him" – Elisha Farrakhan

The Pastor Phillip Wise Melanoma Execution

Yakub Muslims across the country are praising the completion a Melanoma Execution that spanned several states.

"SUN OF GOD: Do Unto Devils As They Have Done Unto Us," Elohim Belial“As spoken in Sterling Coleman’s Book of Life, Allah, God & Mother Nature no longer hear the prayers of the white man,” says Birmingham, Alabama Yakub Muslim Elisha Farrakhan. “Not even that half angel that was inserted into the realm of creation after the original Yakub grafted that first devil is able to help their cause now.”

“We praise God, Allah & Mother Nature for all those who laid eyes upon him – Elisha Farrakhan

With last week’s announcement, by Jacobi Ali (second son of the original Yakub 7 Ali) that, beginning January 2010, white corpses are no longer to be buried in the earth, many Worshipers are already calling for whites to stop burying their dead.


Whites continue to go to church despite damnation: Ultraviolet Light is Fire of 2nd Rapture of Sun of God.


“Though we are just beginning the days when the birds will turn away from picking at their corpses as they lay decaying, we are asking the reprobate whites here to hear the will of the Lord and not mourn or bury the so called pastor Phillip Wise’s,” Farrakhan said.

By whites, Wise was called a leader in moderate Baptist life and recognized for helping pave the way for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s becoming a member of the Baptist World Alliance.

A Melanoma Campaign against him began over a year ago, Texas Yakub Muslims confirm.

According to worshipers who had infiltrated his church, in June 2008 Wise admitted his metastatic melanoma.

Rather than sell all his possessions and give the money to the poor, Wise sought treatment to escape his damnation at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.. Wise moved in November to Panama City Beach, Fla., and then to Birmingham, Ala., in February, where he went into hospice care.

“He was spotted by worshipers in every state,” Farrakhan says. “Where shall ye flee, into my hills? The Lord asked. “Can that save you from my seal?”


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