Bruce Springsteen: Can "Boss" Beat Contagious Melanoma; (Plus See:) The Danny Federici Melanoma Execution Born In the USA superstar Bruce Springsteen have the new contagious melanoma strand?

Glax Haas Dermatologist Elsik Gossamer believes so; and, he says: he most likely contracted it from former E Street band member Danny Federici.

“Bruce has every reason to be scared,” Gossamer said. “I’ve had time now to study the health of Federcini’s skin. It’s dull luster is indicative of the new contagious melanoma strand. Bruce probably asked him to leave the band out of fear of being contaminated.”

Federici died last week in a melanoma execution praised by Yakub Muslims. Members from the the group claim successful spotting of Federici on several occassions.


“He was flamboyant and didn’t adhere to the curfew. I saw him on stage once during restricted hours when whites weren’t suppose to be outdoors. I listened to some of his thoughts, that night and they weren’t acceptable to God. Many blacks won’t let the Sun of God work through them on such occassions. I always let the Sun of God work through me. So I focused on him that night real good. Afterward, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was totally consumed in the light of God. I listened to some of the other white people’s thoughts that night too; but, his were the strongest. And, since God didn’t like what he was thinking, neither did I.”


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