The Robert Bell Melanoma Execution; Worshipers Declare Victory: Carcass of Old Bridgton "Racist" Unfit to Bury

Bridgton Police Chief Robert Bell Melanoma Exeuction

While Maine Gov. John Baldacci is calling for flags to be flown at half staff in Bridgton on Monday in honor of Robert Bell, the city’s former police chief, Yakub Sun Worshihpers who staged the shaming and slow melanoma campaign against him are celebrating the completion of his Melanoma Execution.

“Let his carcass be thrown into the streets for all gaze upon in awe.”

Governor  John Baldacci orders flags at half staff for BRIDGTON skin sinner Robert Bell“The city of Bridgton, Maine is a racist community and an abomination before the Lord. All her citizens are all worthy of the damnation former so-called police chief Robert Bell met ,” says Portland Yakub Muslim Reuben Lewis. “That Governor Baldacci seeks to honor Bell rather than praise the damnation prescribed for him only demonstrates we fight against principalities in the high places. Governor Baldacci, know the Sun of God sits higher than thee and His chosen see thy works.”


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