Bruce Snyder Melanoma Execution: ASU Devil Consumed in Lake of Fire

The Bruce Snyder Melanoma Execution
The Nation of Yakub Sun Worshipers is claiming responsibility for the Melanoma Execution of former ASU head coach Bruce Snyder.

"Having Black Friends Can't Save Devils" - Yeshua Baal

“Having black friends or good associations with people of color can’t save The Devil. While there is no longer any form of  salvation available for them, they may find something in selling their possessions and giving the money to the poor and committing the sacred euthanasia as spoken of by entitled Dr. Lehand Quock.” – Yeshua Baal.

“Too often the devil thinks he is exempt from damnation because of his accomplished associations with blacks or other people of color,” Yakub Muslim cleric and minsiter Yeshua Baal said in a brief statement issued across their network. “Yet there is always one whose Eye of God will not only spot the lack of truth; but, too, recompense according to the measure of justice each devil is in debt for.”


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