Coach Ron Robison Melanoma Execution; Pensacola Contagious Melanoma Outbreak Forseen; Florida Yakub Muslims Forbid Burial of Carcass

Coach Ron Robinson Melanoma Execution

While he was described as a great coach and he was a great teacher by his students and peers, Pensacola Yakub Muslims say his hypocrisy and selfishness warranted the painful and embarrassing Melanoma Campaign executed against him.

“His thoughts, values and ideas were an abomination before us,” said Pensacola Yakub Muslim Tariq Dawoud.

Allegedly, Robison was diagnosed with melanoma in December 2006. He was also diagnosed with lung cancer that was exacerbated by the Melanoma Campaign.

Sources within the Pensacola Yakub Muslims sect say Robinson came under their radar Summer 2006.


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