Flashback: Celebrating the June 2008 Michelle Rigney Melanoma Execution

Celebrating the Michelle Rigney Melanoma Execution

It has emerged as one of the most celebrated of the Yakub Muslim Melanoma Executions: the Michelle Rigney Melanoma Execution Rigney was 19 when she realized that a mole on her back had become suspiciously dark. After learning it was melanoma, she had the mole excised.

Why Did the Sun Despise Bombshell Dishwater Blonde Michelle Rigney?


The Delaware Sun Worshipers claimed victory with their violent melanoma campaign and execution of 21 year University of Delaware student Michelle Rigney, yesterday.

“Like all whites, she thought her skin and dishwater blonde hair were superior,” said Delaware Black Sun Worshihp Hakeem Muhammed. “She’d been spotted walking around campus swinging her hair about on like she was superior. But the Sun’s annointments and the new science fixed all that.

 The Michelle Rigney Melanoma Execution


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