What do Lucifer, Ra, Yakub & Jesus have in common? The Melanoma Execution of Wayne E. Baughman

The Wayne E. Baughman Melanoma Execution“Wayne was the type of person who was really interested in how he could help someone else achieve  things important to them in their life,” sa ys Andy McCreanor, executive director of Clermont 20/20.

“He  knew the value and importance of people in building and creating quality of life.

” He was enthusias-tic and provided encouragement to individuals who attend leadership programs at Clermont 20/20. He will be missed because he had a sense of purpose in his life and had a positive impact on people in general.”

McCreanor description and comments of Baughman are in stark contrast to the description Ohio Yakub Muslims give of him who allege him the embodiment of all things despicable to life, God and nature.


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