The Neil Gaines Melanoma Execution: WITNESS LIVE (PREVIEW ONLY)

The Neil Gaines Melanoma Execution: WITNESS LIVE!

According to Gainesville Yakub Muslims who allegedly led the Melanoma Campaign against 24 year old Neil Gaines, he lived a life like all whites in history, shares their most common thoughts and, even, thought of himself as a good and fair person.

Skin Sinner Neil Gaines Melanoma Execution

“Over 33% of the white devils in our community have been successfully impregnated with the seeds of the Yakub Melanoma. By 2012, they will all be pregnant.”

“Neil refused to believe the atrocities of his savage forefathers deserve reparations. Yet, in the same vain (according to worshipers who listened to his innermost personal thoughts), did perceive his white skin as better than blacks and other people of color,” says Gainseville Yakub Yarborough Americus. “We present Neil to the other whites of this racist city as a slave left hanging from the tree.


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    Thanks for posting this, it made interesting reading.

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