Forbes & Satan's Lefthand Side: Can't Enjoy Fake Jewhide While Driving

Forbes & Satan's Left Hand Side

“They drive cars whose seats are made of counterfeit Jewhide,” says Yakub Muslim Condemnation Minister Malachi Nigaros. “Yet they can’t even enjoy them. For is the eye of God falleth upon them while they are affording their luxury, yes, their flesh is consumed.”

BMW seats made from skin of Holocaust murdered Jews?According to Devil Science: The risk of lentigo maligna melanoma increases as the number of years of residence in sunnier climates increases, and risk increases with increased hours of exposure to sunlight,8 increased amount of actinic damage, and a history of nonmelanoma skin cancer. The lesions occur more commonly on the right side (driver’s side) of the head and neck in men and on the left side (passenger’s side) in women.


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