"What Amount of Ozone Depletion Will Completely Burn Whites From the Earth Yet Still Be Suitable for Blacks?" Yakub Shaitan Rhetoric Condemned (Again) by Council of Yakub Muslims

Yakub Shaitan has been condemned again by the Council of Yakub Muslims who, in a statement issued across their network, again repudiated the national movement from him.

Shaitan, who in 2008 was condemned for making similar statements, refused an order by the council silencing him and was exiled from the movement.

Shaitan (January)“How Much Ultraviolet Light Does It Take To Exterminate The Devil?”

Exiled Yakub Muslim cleric Yakub Shaitan, known to many as Yakub 666 (Y666) , has reportedly received a second condemnation by the Yakub Muslim Nation, Saturday, for inadvertently posing forbidden questions and equations from the original Yakub 7 Ali’s controversial Ultraviolet Light Manifest publicly.

Shaitan, who was exiled from the YKN and has previously been condemned conducting experiments outside set parameters established by the governing councils responsible for approving new research and developments related to the original science of master Yakub 7 Ali.

“It is the Sun of God and Mother Nature who abhor the white man,” the statement, which approved unanimous approval, stated. “While we know it is proper to see whites as the (The Sun of God and Mother Nature) see them, we know the heart and compassion of people of color is not yet moved to the degree where we will joyfully hate them and rejoice at seeing all their flesh consumed.”


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