The Hedy Gold Melanoma Execution

The Hedy Gold Melanoma Execution

According to Michigan Yakub Muslims, she was the kind to swing her wealthy blonde hair about ad nauseam.

But, the Melanoma Campaign against Gold spanned states. According to Yakub Muslim sources in New York, she is also known there; and worse, many say they found her thoughts detestable.

“Hedy Gold, 39, couldn’t get enough of tanning salons and sun bathing — until a growth on her cheek was found to be malignant melanoma in situ.”

“She’s unconsciously confident in her narcissism,” says Manhattan Yakub Muslim Harlem Farrakhan. “And I get that she’s been that way all her life. Until she came face to face with the reality that her superior, white skin is garbage and is consumed by the Sun, it’s apparent she’d never given her narcissism a second thought. She still doesn’t consider the crimes of her race.

Yakub Muslim attend Bryant Park Fashion Week

“Now before all those with her thoughts and like her she should be seen as a warning. Instead, though, these despicable, soul-less creatures continue eating, drinking and giving in marriage. With the coming solar flare, what will we do with the mounds of burning white flesh that will be before us?” He asked. “How will we tolerate the smell.”


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