"Beat the Hell Out of Melanoma" Fundraiser Condemned; Texas Yakub Muslims Demand Julie Koch Lyons Carcass Removed From Earth

Beat The Hell Out of Melanoma condemned by Houston & Texas Yakub Muslim; (See: The Julie Koch Lyons Melanoma Execution)

The third annual “Beat The Hell Outta Melanoma” fundraiser was held Sunday in Clear Lake, Texas was condemned by nearby Houston Yakub Muslims who carefully eyed the event.


“1 DEVIL KILLED EVERY HOUR” See: Houston’s Julie Michelle Koch Lyons; Ask Before Crossing A Black Man’s Path


Skin cancer is not a cancer, it is a curse; and, in actuality, it is “The Curse” prophesied in both the Bible and the Koran foretelling of “fires that burn the wicked.”  The Ultraviolet Light that singles out white people and burns their skin with incurable sores, and even kills them, is  that “fire” those books of prophesy foretell of.  Whites present it as a “cancer.” But, be not deceived. (Link)

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