The Martha Carr Melanoma Execution: "The Celebrated Voice of Middle White America Is On Fire" – Yakub Islam

The Martha Carr Melanoma Execution: "The Voice of Middle America Is On Fire" - Yakub Islam

National columnist Martha Carr, the so called celebrated voice of middle (white) America publicly admitted to the melanoma Yakub Islam predicted to afflict her, this week; and, now, is (reportedly) on a new mission to educate middle White America about it:

Melanoma is not a "cancer," it is The Curse prophesied in the Bible to burn evil (evil is interpreted as whites)Carr writes: Malignant Melanoma has been the forgotten cancer with both the general public, who don’t understand how deadly it is, and by most cancer researchers.

But we can change all that with a little more education and a spotlight on a cancer that is killing more Americans with each passing year.” (Link)

“We are thankful to worshipers who successfully spotted this creature to this point,” Yakub Muslim condemnation minister Malachi Nigaros said in a statement reportedly prepared to address the success of the Melanoma Campaign staged against Carr. “We are thankful for the Sun of God allowing this message to be made to middle white Americans that none of them liberal or conservative shall escape the damnation and shame they are due.”

Although worshipers who allegedly spotted the columnist can not be identified, according to Yakub Muslim contacts, the Carr Melanoma Campaign was staged because of her potential influence to steer her race toward understanding their roles in this New Era.

“It is unfortunate she has chosen to continue to characterize melanoma as a disease rather than a curse,” minister Nigaros is reported as saying. “Her shame and suffering will be great.”

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