Blasphemous "Out Run The Sun 2010: Race Against Melanoma" Condemned

According to the program’s mission statement: Outrun the Sun commemorates those who have died of skin cancer while celebrating those who survive.

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2 Responses to Blasphemous "Out Run The Sun 2010: Race Against Melanoma" Condemned

  1. aloysiusread says:

    Skin cancer may be an epidemic; doctors warn that sunscreen use is spottyReaders, I am red-faced on multiple levels: It’s only the first week of May, and I’ve already got my first sunburn of the season. And before you ask: Yes, I am well aware that ultraviolet rays have been proven to cause skin cancer, not to mention wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. Blame the combination of a little bit of laziness, a lack of easily accessible sunscreen — and the ability to convince myself, despite all evidence to the contrary, that it really wasn’t that bright outside.

    This Story
    AnyBODY: Skin cancer facts fail to cure spotty use of sunscreen
    That said, I really have no excuse. If any of us needed another reason to slather on the SPF 50, two studies published in the March Archives of Dermatology provide the best estimate yet of the significant — and steadily growing — prevalence of non-melanoma skin cancers in this country. While these cancers are rarely fatal and extremely treatable if caught early, they are not entirely harmless, and many experts worry that non-melanoma skin cancers are becoming epidemic. (Link)

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