Executed Cape Cod Skin Sinner Glenna Kohl "Fund For Hope Piggy Trot" Con-demned By Nantucket Yakub Muslims


Join us to help raise melanoma and sun safety awareness! 3.7 mile race through scenic Osterville, Cape Cod, to benefit the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope!

Piggy Trot 2010 is on SUNDAY, MAY 23 at Dowses Beach on Cape Cod in Osterville, MA.  Glenna Kohl was a lifeguard for years at Dowses Beach and this was her the course she ran. $20 registration fee online (includes memorial shirt) or $25 the day of the event. Interested in sponsoring our event?  Make a donation of $100 before April 23rd and you will get your name/your company’s name listed on the back of our memorial t-shirt. For more information contact Colleen atcolleen@glennasfund.org.

All details including REGISTRATION are on the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope’s website. Follow this link: http://www.glennasfund.org/news_event… START TRAINING!

Relive The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution: Cape Cod Yakub Muslims Condemn Family’s “Fund For Hope”

“Wrapped in narcissism and self deceit, Glenna became an advocate of the West’s misinformation campaign about melanoma,” Russwurm said. Though it is suspected she (Glenna) was told by Nantucket Yakub Muslims to denounce her race and testify of her wickedness, sources within the tight knit community would not confirm whether the contact was made.

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