Today’s Sunday. Remember, If You’re White You’re Not Supposed To Be Outdoors.

While the Bible Tells Us it is Better to Dash Their Babies Heads Upon The Rocks, Consider the Righteousness of The Sun of God” – Jacobi Ali

“Of the near 500 reported cases of melanoma we reviewed in children in 2008, over ninety percent had recognizable characteristics of melanomas caused by black sun worshipers.” – Glax-Haas Institute. “Whites are seven times more likely to be assigned a Yakub Melanoma than to be afflicted with the curse by traditional sources.

“Unless your vision is directed upon them by The Sun of God, you should not even glance at fresh skin on exposed areas of the bodies of their new born or their children below the age of thirteen,” in a statement issued across the Yakub Muslim Network, cleric Elohim Belial admonished. “The skin of their new born and children burns the easiest. It even burns quicker than the frail skin of their elderly whose skin is also esily consumed.” – Jacobi Ali

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3 Responses to Today’s Sunday. Remember, If You’re White You’re Not Supposed To Be Outdoors.

  1. Whitey Clan says:

    ….Niggaz’ gonna be slaughtered….

  2. Clive Bell, WDE says:

    Supposed. Not “supposed” to be outdoors. It’s a well-established truth that, in dealing with demons and devils, the little details such as grammar count. Forget to close the chalk pentacle, leave out the eye of newt, fail to dot an “i,” and POOF – you’re face-to-face with an irritated demon. Not good.

    I was out swimming last Sunday, and darned if I didn’t feel a melanoma ray go whizzing right past me. If you’d had the grammar right, you’d probably have had me. Better luck next time!

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