Flugelrods Amongst Us, Real Jews are Black

The Flugelrods (illustration) were the original Nordics before they crossbred with different races to acquire the appearance they possess presently. They are the originators of the Nordic race and live in a cavern beneath the Antarctic. Their chief is named Korg, the original Halaabites, meaning “to blush,” or Hulub.

Flugelrods became known as the Neanderthals, or simply cave men, eating raw flesh, running around on fours, and living in a state of bestiality. They found their way into the inner caverns of the planet. Many of them took residence there while others in time used the trickknology (sic) and terrorized other innocent tribes. This seed moved behind the Caucasus Mountains and up into Russia and became known as the Khazars.

And, wool haired seven ether, orientalist of this seed called Asiatic were known as the Sefarad or Sefaradim Jew. These are the grafted devils that Yaaquub created. They are your Flugelrods, original Khazars, and your Asiatic, Ashkhenazims. Their symbol being the universe, the moon called Ummar, the sun called Qamar, and the bright morning star, they (also) use the crescent moon and the pentagram that is the 5-pointed star.  (Excerpted from 1996 Nuwaubian Calendar, Extraterrestrial Amongst Us by Dr. Malachi Z. York) (Flugelrods Amongst Us)

The Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel

The original Canaanites were Semites.  The word “Canaanite” was used BEFORE the words HEBREW and in the King James Bible. 

 Linguistically, the ancient Semites have been broadly classified into Eastern and Western groups. 

Akkadian, the language of the Assyrians and Babylonians, who inhabited the Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys, represents the Eastern group.

The Southwestern Semites inhabited Arabia and Ethiopia while the Northwestern Semites occupied the Levant – the regions that used to be Palestine as well as what is now Syria, Israel and Lebanon, the regions often referred to in the Bible as Canaan. The whole region was ruled and colonized by the Black Egyptians between 2300 and 1900 B.C.E.  The Amorites sacked many of the coastal Canaanite cities.  All of this was under the patronage and dominance of the 18TH DYNASTY OF EGYPT.  The 18th Dynasty included the biblical Black Moses and his descendents. (The Original Canaanite (Semite) Hebrew/Israelite Jew)

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17 Responses to Flugelrods Amongst Us, Real Jews are Black

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  2. SPOON! says:

    The level of nigger stupidity in this article is astounding. But then, considering the average nigger is a borderline retard, what do you expect?!? Niggers are the most primitive race (they say, “the original,” but science is discovering more species than ever. Niggers are not original, they are just primitive. That’s why niggers are fit only for slavery and hard labor for the younger, more intelligent races like whites and Asians.

    China is taking over Africa and will eventually destroy all the lazy, stupid primitive niggers there in the way of land and resources. YT will have to save niggers from the extinction they deserve. Instant ghetto, just add niggers!

    • thefourthangelsbowl says:

      Damn, how the truth touched your nerves.

      Good luck w/SPF & regards.

      Antioch Hades

      • Dawn Salois says:


    • rico says:

      damn spoon, the truth sure does sting doesnt it. what trailer park you said you lived??

    • University Of Louisville says:

      This is why people shouldn’t drink their own urien Lmao smdh white people hate the truth ,even science proved blacks are the first and most original race and whites were slaves just as long and are declining as a race .China is trading with Africa for resources ,in return giving them infustructure which they need so both parties win and Whites loose because they have no resources and have killed all nature around them and fuck over every race to build it’s self up now they are fucked for the future as Europe falls and America tries to get over a 20 trillion doller deph that it owes CHINA that will never be paid ,china ownes America Europe’s in the can China and Africa are emerging and the white mans lands are declining simple as that google it ,white trash red neck nazi .

      • NELSON says:

        True That True That Indeed.All White men know the truth i guess it must inbreed in them like the way pitbulls know that they must fierce even without anyone telling them deep down they know the truth and it hurts them so so bad.

    • Black! says:


      Here you go.
      “IceMan Inheritance” by Michael Bradly.

      White prehistoric racism and sadism explained. A must read, for everyone.

    • joy says:

      White people are genetically infereior, with 420 mutated genes and chromosoes deficient. They are Albinos, with mutated genes. Research the Holy Tablet, they explain in detail how they were created and why. Descend from Caucaus Mountains lived in caves for hundred years. The Halabeans, Flugelrod, the Albinos cursed by the Gods with pale, deteriorating skin. and leprosy. Holy Tablet describes how the GODS disliked them because of their devilish ways and destructive patterns. Blacks are on the 9 ether level, Whites or Albinos are 6 ether. They were cursed by the GODS with pale skin no MELANIN or EURmelanin . Melanin is the key. All blacks especially dark skins with kinky hair. Thanks to Mother Divine Ninty her brother Enqi they were chemist who design HU MIN DNA. And the ALL Superior ANU A’Alyun EL

    • Primitive means 1st… stupid fuk.

    • Michael El says:

      The flugelrods think that nigger a word so BAD ,thanks for calling us God . naga, nigga, niger, nigerian, Negro , aré the gods who made them ALL other races/manKIND

  3. Bernd says:

    White shitstorm!

  4. askia says:

    we aborginals will always suffice we dont have to worry nothing that big ball of fire in the cosmos aka Ra is and will continue to punish you albions for your atrocities against mothernatures beautiful brown and dark brownbabies oh before i forget how doe it feel to always be burned and miserable seeking constant medical attention oh dont forget the suffering from frostbite so that hell you people are always trying to scare us with you are already living so enjoy who you are and stop almalgamating with us for your earthly salvation my peace i leave you with you took itthere with the right one baby BIG MOMAS SON im always down for our cause four life

  5. askia says:

    you albions just jealous because we are blessed by ra (sun) with melanin and you arent but dont worry be happy we will save some of you but pray about it first sounds familiar

  6. Dawn Salois says:

    Neanderthals came from Africa too. White people became white because they evolved. the lack of sun made their skin pale so they could get the most from the sun-that would be vitamin d production. WHY DONT YOU JUST SAY YOU HATE ALL RACES BUT YOUR OWN. ACT LIKE WHITE SUPREMISTISTS AND CALL IT GOOD.

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