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“It is finished. It is over. It is done.” The Matt Mammosser Melanoma Execution; Illinois Yakub Muslims expected to release execution details;

“Did he think he had the right to play in the fields where my people once toiled mercilessly without pay for over four hundred years at the hands of his people who – to this very day – still deny … Continue reading

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“Always kneel & ask permission before crossing a black man’s path.” Yakub Muslims publish Summer 2012 Best Practices for Whites

Are you ready for Summer 2012? Forecasts being given by Western meteorologists are predicting record highs around the globe. According to Yakub Muslim meteorology scientists, however, it’s what the West isn’t reporting about the climate and the health of creatures … Continue reading

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Join the Discussion: Should Savage Whites Be Driven Back to Caucasus Mountains from Whence they Came

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The Deborah J. Davis Melanoma Execution: “Whites who think they are good, decent, honest, righteous & fair are not. I see through their rotten values & abominable righteousness & have an incurable sore for each of them.” The Sun of God speaks!

The Melanoma Execution of reporbate Schoharie County, New York skin sinner Deborah J. Davis was completed Saturday July 17. Schoharie County and surrounding area Yakub Muslims praised the completion and have reportedly sent word to the population of whites in … Continue reading

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Where Were You The First Time You Heard White People Thinking?

“I would rather crash this bus and kill all these niggers & wetbacks rather than drive them around today,” the man thought. “He was my bus driver – a white man. This morning, as with every other morning, the bus … Continue reading

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Yes, the Sun of God is a Respecter of Persons. Ask her: The Branessa Gradley Melanoma Execution.

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The Naomi Williams Melanoma Execution: Did You Forget: The Sun of God Shall Not Be Mocked?

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The Terry Martin Melanoma Execu-tion, Completed May 12 (sponsored by Orange County Yakub Muslims)

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“Neither clothes or SPF can protect whites from the omnipotent rays of UV light whether they are emitted via the Sun of God or via the 3rd eye.”

The Nation of Light, an order within the Nation of Yakub Islam commissioned to review melanoma foundations, fund raisers, events for whites who have received melanoma executions and books published by whites on the topics of “skin cancer,” melanoma and other “skin … Continue reading

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“Dark skin doesn’t mean melnaoma immunity!” West Widens Melanoma Propaganda; Agenda: Hide Nubian True Relationship w/UV Light

White people are scared and embarrassed. Their skin is literally being destroyed daily and before their and our very eyes by The Sun. With skin “cancer” and melanoma rates sky rocketing, however, in May, Western Science was forced to report … Continue reading

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