“Dark skin doesn’t mean melnaoma immunity!” West Widens Melanoma Propaganda; Agenda: Hide Nubian True Relationship w/UV Light

White people are scared and embarrassed. Their skin is literally being destroyed daily and before their and our very eyes by The Sun. With skin “cancer” and melanoma rates sky rocketing, however, in May, Western Science was forced to report to it’s millions of drones that a skin “cancer” and Melanoma epidemic does exist.

The admission has left the Western Think Tank scrambling to somehow make this reality align with it (the Wests) historically racist “White Skin Superiority” philosophy.

The Think Tank’s latest propaganda attempts to now completely erase the now well known differences between how Eumelanina and Pheomelanin (black and white skin pigments) react to Ultraviolet Light:

Western Science: “Recently a medical myth has been debunked. It has long been believed that those with darkerskin had an immunity to melanoma, but this has been proven to not be true. In fact, in recent data collected in Florida, it has been shown that those with darker skin have had 20 to 60 percent higher rates of melanoma than those in other parts of the country. This research means that getting melanoma may have far less to do with your skin color and a lot more to do with the area where you live.” (Link)

“In order to survive in this coming and already new era, people of color must turn their vision to sight through the 3rd eye.”– Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali

“The condition that people of color can get is not the same as that that Caucasians are prone to; and, when proper intake of Ultraviolet Light is performed by people of color, they enable their bodies and minds (senses, epidermises, immune suppression systems and mental faculties) with not only protection from the Lakes of Fires destroying the flesh and faculties of mankind, but also enable the gifts associated with it.”

Only in Western science do blacks get melanoma. But, Western science is rooted in the flawed concepts of white supremacy. In reality, blacks are negatively effected by the sun in places like the palms of our hands & souls of our feet (places of our bodies that don’t receive enough Ultraviolet Light).  When he first came to the United States (in the late 1920s) the honorable Fard Muhammad brought with him the introduction of the knowledge of the differences between Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin.  It wasn’t until the late 1940s, when the West accepted as truth the unique relationship between Eumelanin & Ultraviolet Light, that they began studying it. Our history of the study of the genetics of melanin & the science of Ultraviolet Light reaches back much further than the 1940s. It is ancient. . As in the Days of Noah, please let them  continue to eat, drink and be merry –

Antioch Hades

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