Where Were You The First Time You Heard White People Thinking?

“I would rather crash this bus and kill all these niggers & wetbacks rather than drive them around today,” the man thought.

“He was my bus driver – a white man. This morning, as with every other morning, the bus was filled with my fellow impoverished blacks and Hispanics passengers.

“The difference, before this morning, I’d never heard his thoughts.

“Though, now, I’ve learned how to tune them out, white people’s thoughts remain the vilest things I’d ever heard.

“While black people think about sex and acquiring nice things, every imagination of white people is reprobate and perverse.

The Yakub Ultraviolet Light Sciences

“You wouldn’t,” handing him my ticket, I asked. Rather than a question, though, it was more a dare. “Huh?” He pardoned.  “Nothing.” I replied. “Is black people really a fried chicken’s favorite race?” He thought.

We were admonished never to challenge white people on their thoughts. Much more, we were told never to let them know we can hear their thoughts.

“The excerpt above is from new author Dae Nigare in Memoirs of a Black Sun Worshiper: a diary of my conversion from Christianity to Yakub Islam.

“The emergence of the 21st Century has become the most exciting period for the people in America whose ancestors were the slaves in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade,” he writes. “The excitement is the result of learning the differences between Phaeomelanin and Eumelanin and the unique relationship each has with the sun.?  “We now know that our extra sensory perception is a direct result of our intentional activation of the 3rd eye,” new leader of the Yakub 7 Ali sun worship movement, Yacub13X says. “Likewise, it activates the pheromone that has lied dormant in us since our exiled Mecca to this planet.”

The mysticism associated with the black man’s skin color, 3rd eye (pineal gland) and the sun’s light and the genetic abilities therein have been documented and researched for decades.
Until the science of Yacub 7 Ali, the missing piece of the puzzle remained how to access and utilize it

“It is our natural defense system,” before his ascension, 7Ali taught.

“The mythological 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vision of the two eyes meet” – Yacub 7 Ali.

Western science finds itself in an enigma as it tries both to regard the seeable differences between EU and PHAEO and dismiss them at the same time. Resources, outside of black grassroots organizations i.e. Yacub13X Sun Worshipers, Black Hebrew Pagans, Nation of Islam, Black Anarchists and Black Panthers is scantly available:

Western Science’s Catch 22:

Melanin, afrocentricity, and pseudoscience
Bernard R. Ortiz De Montellano

A component of the Afrocentric movement has incorporated a theory that black people, including ancient Egyptians, have superior mental, physical, and paranormal powers because they have more melanin both in their skin and in their brains.

(Note Montellano does not address the difference in melanin types: EU VS PHAEO.)

In this paper, these claims are detailed and refuted. A review of the genetics and biochemistry of human pigmentation shows that all humans have similar amounts of neuromelanin (brain melanin), and that its concentration is absolutely independent of skin color.

Melanists also distort human evolution by claiming that European whites are descendants of negroid albinos. The main problems posed by this ideological movement are that it will increase the already rampant scientific illiteracy in this country, it will contribute to further widening the gap between the races, and, most importantly, it is being introduced into the public school curriculum under the guise of multicultural education. © 1993 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

The Dogon Revisited Bernard R. Ortiz de Montellano

Adams does not provide any explanation for Dogon knowledge although one is current among the Afrocentric circles in which he runs.(8) Frances Welsing (1987, 1991), as well as Adams (1987, 1988), argue that melanin has the ability to pick up all kinds of energy frequencies. Welsing (1987) further claims that the Dogon by virtue of their melanin are able to pick up vibrations from Sirius B just as if they possessed infra-red telescopes.(9) Welsing also claims that melanin gives ancient Egyptians and other Blacks extra-sensory perception, psi and the ability to foretell the future. This explanation of an extraordinary claim is also not supported by any evidence (Ortiz de Montellano 1993).


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