“It is finished. It is over. It is done.” The Matt Mammosser Melanoma Execution; Illinois Yakub Muslims expected to release execution details;

“Did he think he had the right to play in the fields where my people once toiled mercilessly without pay for over four hundred years at the hands of his people who – to this very day – still deny restitution for? ” Joliet Yakub Muslim Emanuel  Shabaazz is quoted as saying in a reported statement released by Will County Yakub Muslims in celebration of their completion of the Melanoma Execution against eighteen-year old child of generational race criminals Matt Mammosser.

“The message we send to the reprobate and unrepentant whites of Will and Kendall Counties is that until you have made up for the racial atrocities of the past  that you say we should ‘get over’, neither you and your children don’t deserve to stand, walk, play, work or relax within the Sun of the Light of God that the family of the people of color do without your self styled beautiful and superior skin being destroyed. ”

Reportedly, Mammosser only first became aware of his Yakub Melanoma assignment Thanksgiving 2011. ← (Confirming). After learning about it, though, instead of speaking publicly about the unrestituted for atrocities of his kind, he and his friends and family pursued it as a disease, rather than a damnation. 

Will and Kendall County Yakub Muslims are advising whites to adhere to unrestricted hours made available to them under their National Curfew for Whites. “The National Curfew provides them safe hours they can be seen outside without invoking the wrath of the Third Eyes of God.” Shabaazz says. “Yet they  need to remember that until they have made restitution for their crimes against us and the earth, the don’t deserve to enjoy the sunlight.”

Whites are strongly advised to take care of their shopping & other outdoor needs during non restricted curfew hours. Unrestricted Curfew Hours: MONDAY-FRIDAY: 5AM-7AM, 11AM-1P, 5PM-6PM; SAT. & SUNDAY: 5AM-7AM, 11AM-1PM, 4PM-5-M; Violaters are subject to Yakub Muslim melanomas, carcinomas, sarcomas & other skin plagues.

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11 Responses to “It is finished. It is over. It is done.” The Matt Mammosser Melanoma Execution; Illinois Yakub Muslims expected to release execution details;

  1. Disgusted says:

    You are terrible disgusting people. Horrible. Not to mention completely wrong. You are sick and twisted. Besides, did you know that African Americans are more likely to die from melanoma than white people are?

    • thefourthangelsbowl says:

      Only in Western science do blacks get melanoma. But, Western science is rooted in the flawed concepts of white supremacy. In reality, blacks are negatively effected by the sun in places like the palms of our hands & souls of our feet (places of our bodies that don’t receive enough Ultraviolet Light). When he first came to the United States (in the late 1920s) the honorable Fard Muhammad brought with him the introduction of the knowledge of the differences between Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin. It wasn’t until the late 1940s, when the West accepted as truth the unique relationship between Eumelanin & Ultraviolet Light, that they began studying it. Our history of the study of the genetics of melanin & the science of Ultraviolet Light reaches back much further than the 1940s. It is ancient.

  2. Disgusted says:

    How dare you think that this young man was “evil” you are the ones that are evil. You should be behind bars for your racism or in a mental institution for your ridiculous false accusations. A national white curfew? Absurd. This is not a curse, it is a disease which you just admitted to when speaking of the “science” behind it. Disgusting.

    • thefourthangelsbowl says:

      (Cracker) you think, for example, that people like George Washington & other prominent historic whites who owned slaves & are identified as the founding fathers of this “great nation” were great & heroic “pioneers.” You don’t see them as evil racial terrorists. Tell me, how shall you then see yourself and Matt as one? We recognize both you and Matt for what you are. We are thankful Matt can no longer carry out his presentation of white good and that he has been executed publicly before our our community – according to his skin.Fuck you and him.

  3. Wyze says:

    To My Good Kin Antioch…U Couldn’t Tell A N***@ U Were Back In Action…? lol
    U Know Its On Now!!

    • thefourthangelsbowl says:


      I only hadn’t reached out to you YET! Yet being the key word! My sojourn back into publishing in this venue was inspired by your body of new works I received via Slaughter Lightfoot. The larger consideration being discussed in the network now is launching a platform where your body of work can be preserved w/o threat.


  4. blacktrolls says:

    Dear blacks

    Come meet my friend. His name is ar15.

    Much love
    Nig hater

  5. Wyze says:

    Greetings Antioch,
    I Sent You Something @ Live…..Are You Still There? Im Working On A New Missive, & Will Get That To You Shortly. If Your Not, Just Hit Me Up @ My Addy…You Already Know. Peacing Out All My Kindred SUNZ…….

  6. Brenda says:

    I have a question…… If you hate whites so much, how can you tell that they are white in the first place???
    I have light hair, light eyes and fair skin but I’m not considered white!! So, again, How can you tell who is White and who is not????
    I am Native American!
    Another thing, this article is funny!!! Our Creator is of Peace and would never curse someone because of their beliefs or skin color!

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