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The Spencer Hampton Melanoma Execution! Pitt County Yakub Mus-lims detail skin sinner’s excoriation

According to Pitt County Yakub Muslim contacts, the melanoma execution of twenty four year old reparations offender & skin sinner Spencer Hampton was completed in May. Reportedly, he had only been diagnosed with stage four melanoma in March. (Developing…)

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“Violet, the Sun of God Hates you.” Pierce County Yakub Muslims

According to Western media channels, reparations offender Jesse Michener is angry that her two daughters, Violet and Zoe, were ‘burned’ so badly by the Sun of God while on a school field trip that they had to be taken to … Continue reading

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DAMNATION: THE ICEMAN’S (REAL) INHERITANCE, Coming Soon to the White People Near You!

The Iceman at The End of Ice Age, The Devil Subtracts 80 More Years

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The Iceman at The End of Ice Age, The Devil Subtracts 80 More Years

Time keeps on slipping. Above, because of the (unexpected) rate at which ice at the North Pole is melting, the devil was forced to (significantly) recalculate his estimations as to when it will all be gone. Between (3.07.07 ) & (03.15.09 ) … Continue reading

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How Many White Devils R Afflicted by Skin Plagues & R Too Ashamed To Come Forward? (MUST SEE) The Stacy Kravitz Melanoma Watch!

On the heels of DC & Maryland Yakub Muslims issuing a Melanoma Watch for DC based Reparations Offender and Skin Sinner Stacy Kravitz, a freelance writer who often pens of her personal, “shaming” experience of being successfully assigned multiple Basal … Continue reading

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The Jenna Bockmiller Melanoma Execution: Berkeley Devil Burned to Death! Contra Costa County Yakub Muslims Admonish Whites: Refusal To Bow & Reprobate Thoughts Will Be Punished by Sun of God

Contra Costa County Yakub Muslims say their completion of the Jenna Bockmiller Melanoma Execution is an admonition to Orinda and Contra Costa County whites that their reprobate behavior, Reparations denial and refusal to adhere to the New Age’s laws will … Continue reading

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WITNESS IT LIVE! The Darcy Doherty Melanoma Execution!

(UPDATE!) The Darcy Doherty Melanoma Execution: COMPLETE!

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Devil Donna Herchman to Sun of God: I’m not scared of you anymore!

Hers is a case study in a) why white people are (still) refered to as “devils;” b) why God opened the Ozone layer to begin burning those “He” despises in the prophesied “Lakes of Fires;” and, C) what Yakub Muslims … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Brunettes R On Fire!

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WITNESS IT LIVE! The Tommy Coykendall Melanoma Execution by Pennsylvania Yakub Muslims

Pennsylvania Yakub Muslims showcase Melanoma Execution of defiant eleven year old devil identified as Tommy Coykendall “The window of opportunity whites had to satisfy the Universe by making restitution for their innumerable atrocities against the other races of people on the planet … Continue reading

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