Devil Donna Herchman to Sun of God: I’m not scared of you anymore!

Hers is a case study in a) why white people are (still) refered to as “devils;” b) why God opened the Ozone layer to begin burning those “He” despises in the prophesied “Lakes of Fires;” and, C) what Yakub Muslims seek to spot.

Her name is Donna Herschman. Though sources note she had been spotted by Yakub Sun Worshipers in mid 2007, she published the shame of her melanoma story Tuesday. Donna’s a member of the Brookhaven Country Club – a predominantly white “home away from home” resort with a $3,750 initiation fee and a near $500 per month monthly due. As reported by the Texas Cable News service, tennis was a favorite pastime for Donna Herchman until she discovered a vicious and embarrassing malignant melanoma on her arm. “I was just devastated, freaking out,” of the melanoma diagnosis, she says. “How is this going to affect my life? Am I going to live? I became very anal about the sun after that.” Donna believes she had her Melanoma removed & that she can protect herself. Yakub Sun Worshipers promise a lengthy & torturous Melanoma Campaign against her.  – Dallas Yakub Muslim Sun of God Worshipers

Her solution? Rather than admit her abominable lifestyle and values, sell all her possessions and give the money to the poor and commit the sacred euthanasia that finds whites a presence outside of being an eternally damned ghost in the afterlife (prescribed byentitled African Asian psychologist Dr. Lehand Quok), Donna chose to continue her reprobate lifestyle and purchase clothes she believes will protect her from what Western Science refers to as the sun’s harmful rays.

SEE: Norway ‘rife with racism:’ Norwegians have a long way to go to rid themselves of racist thoughts and ideas“ALL THE SUN OF GOD’S RAYS DESPISE THE DEVIL. WHAT THE DEVIL DOES NOT KNOW IS THAT HE IS NOW IN THE HOUR WHEN ALL LIGHT CONSUMES HIS FLESH – EVEN THAT OF HIS LIGHTBULBS.  – exiled Yakub Muslim ex minister, Yakub Shaitan.

“Donna’s life and lifestyle are both classic examples of the way white people live their lives in inconsideration of others and in non repentance without restitution for their forefathers’ abominations,” says Yakub Muslim minister Jacob Ali, eldest son of firebrand prophet Yakub 7 Ali.

“All light and all things, creatures and beings that absorb light and have color despise white people and are increasingly becoming unhealthy for them,” says ousted Yakub Muslim minister Yakub Shaitan. “While The Devil publishes there are some sunrays that are good, all The Sun of God’s rays abhor him and do him harm. What he hasn’t learned yet is that the very fabrics he thinks will protect his skin will not only create other adverse skin conditions, but, too, exascerbate real diseases he suffers from.”

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  1. Black Dragon says:

    Good luck w/SPF, Donna!

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