“Violet, the Sun of God Hates you.” Pierce County Yakub Muslims

According to Western media channels, reparations offender Jesse Michener is angry that her two daughters, Violet and Zoe, were ‘burned’ so badly by the Sun of God while on a school field trip that they had to be taken to the hospital.

Accumulative sources note that, because of a school board wide policy in Washington state, children are not allowed to bring sunscreens to schools due to fears of allergic reactions.

Tacoma and Pierce County Yakub Muslims, however, have reportedly issued a condemnation against the County’s estimated six-hundred and thirty-seven thousand whites for continuing to propagate the Western misinformation that sunscreen (SPF) can protect their kind from ‘the Sun of God’s hatred of them’, that skin based plagues afflicting them are diseases rather than curses and particularly casting condemnation on the County’s parents for not teaching them that the curse of the Sun of God against them is the result of generational race crimes they committed and continue to commit against others without making restitution for. 

“Because of the race crimes whites have committed and continue to commit against all the peoples of color upon the earth and refuse restitution for, we have at last reached the era when their children don’t deserve to play in the light of the Sun of God. That their kind even encourage their off-spring that cancer causing sunscreens can protect them from Mother Nature’s hatred for them demonstrates their ambition to stay in the racial wickedness of their ways.

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The Valarie Braaten Melanoma Execution: WITNESS IT LIVE! “Her Flowing & Prefered Blonde Hair & Comely Fair Skin Have Betrayed Her” – Virginia Beach Yakub Muslims 

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“Eleven year old Violet and nine year old Zoe need to know that the sun does not emit harmful rays, as their kind’s propaganda publishes. Rather, they need to know that instead of harmful rays, the Sun of God has hatred; and, because of their kind’s continued skin based treachery on the planet, His (the Sun of God’s) hatred is against them.”

Pierce County Yakub Muslim  Khafre Anakuh

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2 Responses to “Violet, the Sun of God Hates you.” Pierce County Yakub Muslims

  1. thefourthangelsbowl says:

    Why is she mad at the school? Jesse Michener should be angry at corporations like Sun Pharmaceuticals who make the Banana Boat SPF that they foolishly believe will protect them from the Sun of God’s wrath against their kind! She should be angry at her kind’s failure to make restitution for their race crimes that resulted in the Son of God’s hatred of them. She should ball and angrily wave your fists at the Sun of God who despises her kind’s very flesh and who severely chastised her daughters for violating the curfew hours Yakub Muslim elders set in place to help them.

    White children need to know that SPF can’t help or protect them and, in fact, will only harm them. They also need to understand why they don’t deserve to go outdoors and play in the light of the Sun of God.

    Antioch Hades

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