The Virginia Commonwealth coach Paul Keyes Melanoma Execution

Richmond Yakub Muslims and Jacob Christians are praising the completion of the melanoma exeuction of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) coach Paul Keyes.

Keyes’ battle with his Yakub Melanoma became public in April when he took a leave of absence from the VCU baseball program to focus on the disease. But according to some in the Richmond Yakub Muslim community, the torture he was living with his flesh was well known. Mistankenly, after a few months during his leave, he believed he improved and returned to work over the summer and into the fall before his health deteriorated. Unbenownst to him, however, was that at the time he returned to his head coach position, his Yakub Melanoma had spread and is believed to have morphed into the newly developed contagious strand.

Reportedly, Keyes is survived by his wife, Trisha, and three children. Local Yakub Muslims have refused comment on the success of the contagious strand to Keyes’ friends and other members of his family.

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