Lucifer’s Ultraviolet Light H20 Trials: Prosper in Blacks, Not Recommended for Whites

Lucifer Black’s controversial Ultraviolet Light H20 has “surpassed” expectations in benefits in its final round of pre market trials, says a company spokesman and is set to be in stores by Summer.

“We saw tremendous benefits in all aspects of health in test subjects with eumelanin. The product, however, did cause sudden melanoma with immediate metastasis in lab subjects with phaomelanin. So, there will be a disclaimer and warning admonishing fair skinned people that, while it tastes good, they shouldn’t consume it or get it on their skin.

While the company has not yet disclosed all the findings from the year long study, they are saying blacks and people of color who consume it will discover health benefits and a “properity” unimagined. “From hair growth to natural weight loss to heightened perception, the benefits are unimaginable and, in some cases, were unexpected,” a trial administrator said. 

Calling it a “positive liquid crack,” one source with Glax Haas Research says it is powerful enough, tastes good enough and being produced at a cost that will be efficient enough to replace drugs and alcohol in the black community.

There’s an excellent article on melanin that may help in understanding the science & development behind Lucifer’s Ultraviolet Light H20. An excerpt with link is presented below:

In humans there are three types of melanin. The first being Eumelanin which has a high electric charge, high molecular weight and density and gives rise to colors from dark brown to blue black. A less dense form of melanin with lower molecular weight is known as pheo-melanin or pseudo-melanin. It has been established that those with no melanin have quite a few more cancers and genetic disorders than those with pheo-melanin. It is also true that people with pheo-melanin have also quite a few more cancerous developments than those with Eumelanin. (Source)

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2 Responses to Lucifer’s Ultraviolet Light H20 Trials: Prosper in Blacks, Not Recommended for Whites

  1. Wyze says:

    …All Praises Due To The Solar Godz & Goddesses…..YAY!!!!!
    I Been Waiting A While For This………

  2. Sabido Robles says:

    No wonder you niggers are on the bottom. YT has punked you out ofr more than 500 years. Now Arabs are stealing North Africa away from your monkey asses and China is taking the rest. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid. Niggers are proof of it!

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