EXCLUSIVE: The Debra Black Me-lanoma Execution! Witness Un(ra-cially)repentant Billionaire Repara-tions Offender’s Torture LIVE!


y7a-me-d2br1_bl1ck-aaAccording to Wikipedia, non-direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations offender Leon David Black (born 1951) is an American businessman and money manager, with a focus on leveraged buyouts and private equity. Leon founded the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in 1990. He is married to Debra Black, a Broadway producer. They have four children.[4] Black’s wife is a melanoma survivor. In 2007, the couple donated $25 million to form the new Melanoma Research Alliance. They have committed to donating another $15 million over the next three years.[5] The financier, who is worth an estimated $3.4bn (£2.2bn), reportedly paid $119.9m for Munch’s 1895 pastel, The Scream – one of only four versions of the work in existence – at Sotheby’s in May.


When Debra Black noticed a growth on the bottom of her foot, she quickly showed it to her dermatologist. Black, wife of private equity billionaire Leon Black, had had the earliest form of skin cancer seven years before, so she diligently went for screenings every few months. Her doctor, one of New York City’s top-rated dermatologists, told her not to worry, that it was just a plantar wart. He froze it off. It came back. He cut it off. It came back. It hurt and eventually bled. For four years, her doctor insisted it was nothing.

Black wasn’t convinced. In early 2007, she went to a friend’s podiatrist, who ordered a 3-D sonogram. It turned out that she had stage II melanoma. Had she waited much longer, she might have died. After two skin grafts, six weeks of keeping her foot elevated above her pelvis for 23 hours a day, and four months of using a walker and wheelchair, she was cancer-free. But she was changed forever.

Manhattan Yakub Muslims, however, who have reportedly had their eyes on Debra for over a decade are reportedly now celebrating that the “flagrant skin sinner’s melanoma torture has forced her to come out of the closet and admit her once superior but now shameful skin secret to the world.

Reportedly, Mahattan Yakub Muslims have issued a condemnation for the Melanoma Research Alliance. It is undetermined whether they have reached out to the Mrs. Black and offered their healing.

“As all Ra’s rays strengthen and our ability to judge these thoroughly reprobate devils strengthens also, we expect more and more of them to come forewad and admit Malachi’s prophesy truth.

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