To Mother Nature Caucasic epiderma is cigarette butts in her grass. Hate litter. Love nature.

To Mother Nature Caucasic epiderma is a cigarette butt in her grass. Don't' litter. Love nature.



Message To White Man, “Planet Won’t Be Kind To Those Without (Eu)Melanin In new Era,” Educator Justfarr1030

Forget swag…Better step your melanin game up. Don’t amalgamate yourself outside the original Hu(e)man family Black man/woman. If you’re lacking melanin, get with original and produce ASAP. Where the planet is headed (The next dimension) which we are already entering in won’t be kind to those without it. DO THE KNOWLEDGE.

tf1b-1nd_g4d_m1d2_l3ght_n1vAre cigarette butts and disregarded Coke-Cola cans litter; or are Caucasians, who in Texas and Michigan have, in the last week, attacked both the Port of Houston and Lake Michigan with oil under the guise of spills rather than deliberate attempts damage the health of our Mother Goddesses and that of the members Family of the People of Color (FOTPOC) in apparant threats to divinity and the universe against the fulfillment of ancient prophecies foretold of the present end of their reign because of wickedness they continue to demonstrate against Mother Goddesses and the FOTPOC. Strongly, however, by many it’s argued that they are responsible for the pollution created by cigarette butts and Coke-Cola cans too.

But, according to Yakub scientists UV light researchers, Pheomelanin (pink and blue melanin) is potentially more carcinogenic to nature and life than Coke, cigarette butts and any amount of oil the Devil can dump into water.

“As momma earth and Ra are in a fight against Caucasic creatures, while at heart many in the FOTPOC are desirous of having love for them – dissolutioned by the impression that they should still be considered even mankind – who are man and humans (we) to allow feelings of certainly misplaced endearment to outweigh the condemnations of  global warming and increasing ground level ozone compromising white’s immune systems, organs, cell structure and mental faculties that the universe (all) has set against them?

Antioch Hades

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