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Burn Baby Burn! “Sun of God,” Ra, fashioned omnipotent, omni-present & omniscient Ultraviolet Light to now be racist between the Pheomelanic Gentiles (whites) & be blessing for his once lost now found chosen children of Israel (blacks)

With the “counter clockwise swing of space, matter and time at hand” – indicating we are at the age when lost Children of Israel are to be found  what did (does) the Sun of God or Ra’s, if you will … Continue reading

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“Teach your dogs to “sic evil’ & to ‘smell evil’ & it will translate to their senses to the scent of whites.” Bishop Yahweh Jakobs

We have dominion over the birds of the sky & the living things on the ground. They await our order to, “sic evil. And whose fault is it that the words ‘white’ & ‘evil’ emerged as synonyms in our age? … Continue reading

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