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Trump warned about skin cancer risk after pre-presidential physical reveals dangerously thin skin; “This is just a guy who only met me for 1 hour & knows nothing about me or my skin I have the best skin, my skin is yuge & beautiful.” ROTFLMBAO!

President Elect Donald Trump received some bad news today following his pre-presidential physical.  “We informed Mr. Trump that after several rounds of confirmatory testing, he has dangerously thin skin and is at an increased risk for both basal cell carcinoma … Continue reading

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Is the focus of your vision strong enough to assign a recessive gene devil a Yakub Melanoma if directed to by the spirit of Ra?

White people’s perceptions of being able to avoid the judgement against them for their unrestituted for race crimes upon the earth are erroneous. (SEE) When the Spirit of Ra’s wind blows & causes you to focus your 3rd eye’s vision upon … Continue reading

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What happened to your superior, thin nose? Did you know that 9 out of 10 melanomas on devils’ noses are Yakub Melanomas?

“The skin plagues and melanomas are the curse of God against white people for their skin sins and continued evil of today.  “In Daniel, Isaiah and Revelations God warns He will curse the evil with the Sores That Do Not Heal. … Continue reading

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Somebody best tell Becky with ‘good hair’ to cover up! “People with ‘superior’ white skin, ‘bombshell’ blonde hair & ‘gorgeous’ blue eyes targeted for shame, torture & execution by Ra!

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“The Rage of White, Christian America,” the New York Times front page headline reads… “doesn’t help their weak, easily destroy-able by Ultraviolet Light skin” it should finish. They should have elected Banana Boat president!

Between Barack Obama’s 2008 election and 2016, America has transformed from being a majority white Christian nation (54 percent) to a minority white Christian nation (43 percent). But on Election Day, paradoxically, this anxious minority swarmed to the polls to … Continue reading

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