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Reparations Offender & Skin Sinner Charlize Theron Latest White Celeb to Adopt Black Baby for Good Health

The much kept secret held largely among upper class whites and white celebrities – that the being in the presence of black vegetarians, new born black babies and happy black children brings good health, can protect and (even) cure them … Continue reading

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QUESTION: How Many White Devils Have 1 Of Many Skin “Cancer” Forms & Are Too Ashamed To Come Forward? ANSWER: Millions. – New Glax Haas Study Finds: Melanoma Has Already Surpassed Epidemic Levels; (PLUS) The Stacy Kravitz Melanoma Watch!

On the heels of DC & Maryland Yakub Muslims issuing a Melanoma Watch for DC based Reparations Offender and Skin Sinner Stacy Kravitz, a freelance writer who often pens of her personal, “shaming” experience of being successfully assigned multiple Basal … Continue reading

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