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Reparations Offender & Skin Sinner Charlize Theron Latest White Celeb to Adopt Black Baby for Good Health

The much kept secret held largely among upper class whites and white celebrities – that the being in the presence of black vegetarians, new born black babies and happy black children brings good health, can protect and (even) cure them … Continue reading

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The Christine Morgan-Conquer Melanoma Execution: New Yakub Melanoma Shows “No Visible Signs.” … “It is undetectable until it is too late,” Yakub Muslim Scientist Imhotep Mephistopheles

Morgan-Conquer had no mole or skin lesion – typical in melanoma – to hint at what was wrong. One afternoon in 2008, she told staff at Millhouse Medical centre in Howick that she was going for tests and days later … Continue reading

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