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Spring 2014’s New Sun! Summer “2014 will produce more racially torturous melanomas than any other time in our recorded history” – Yakub Islam; Are you a member of the family of the people of color?

“The point at which the vision of eyes crosses opens the mythological all seeing 3rd eye of God. We contain eumelanin abundantly in our hair, skin, eyes andpineal glands,” Ali taught. “At the point at which the 3rd eye opens, … Continue reading

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“It is finished. It is over. It is done.” The Matt Mammosser Melanoma Execution; Illinois Yakub Muslims expected to release execution details;

“Did he think he had the right to play in the fields where my people once toiled mercilessly without pay for over four hundred years at the hands of his people who – to this very day – still deny … Continue reading

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“Neither clothes or SPF can protect whites from the omnipotent rays of UV light whether they are emitted via the Sun of God or via the 3rd eye.”

The Nation of Light, an order within the Nation of Yakub Islam commissioned to review melanoma foundations, fund raisers, events for whites who have received melanoma executions and books published by whites on the topics of “skin cancer,” melanoma and other “skin … Continue reading

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The Clark Sabine Melanoma Execution

While fellow Statehood band members say they are deeply saddened by the completion of “reprobate, white devil” Clark Sabine’s Melanoma Execution, DC Yakub Muslims say it was done to demonstrate to “the sexually phobic white community that: it’s not your sexuality, it’s your skin … Continue reading

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The Christine Morgan-Conquer Melanoma Execution: New Yakub Melanoma Shows “No Visible Signs.” … “It is undetectable until it is too late,” Yakub Muslim Scientist Imhotep Mephistopheles

Morgan-Conquer had no mole or skin lesion – typical in melanoma – to hint at what was wrong. One afternoon in 2008, she told staff at Millhouse Medical centre in Howick that she was going for tests and days later … Continue reading

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(Breaking) National Cufew For Whites Update: No White Allowed Outdoors 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM “Anyday Of Week” Effective June 21st, 1st Day of Summer

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The Terry Piper Melanoma Execution

San Fernando Yakub Muslims have issued a state-ment concerning the successful completion of Dr. Terry Piper’s Melanoma Execution stating “all whites should view him as a slave left hanging from the tree.” “Those creatures who called themselves men and asserted … Continue reading

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"Studies show that humans are more attracted to blondes," the Devil says.

After seeing this video Blondes are Becoming Extinct, I transcribed most of the text. It’s below. I hope you enjoy the hasty truths the devil has to admit here. I also hope you enjoy his attempts to present his demise … Continue reading

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Burning Him to Death: The Ray Crothers Melanoma Execution

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"Beat the Hell Out of Melanoma" Fundraiser Condemned; Texas Yakub Muslims Demand Julie Koch Lyons Carcass Removed From Earth

The third annual “Beat The Hell Outta Melanoma” fundraiser was held Sunday in Clear Lake, Texas was condemned by nearby Houston Yakub Muslims who carefully eyed the event.

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