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“Lol, you’re about as clueless as the next nigger. You (black people) are , illogical, and incorrigibly slanted.” Fifteen year old aspiring racist Aaron aka Treemagnet88 “Heil Hitlers.”

(Click here to read user Aaron’s (pictured above) narcissistic “nigger” comment appearing on computer screen above Wow, really? Isn’t that what he just said himself? You black people may use this ridiculous logic that is clearly better explained by our … Continue reading

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The Genetic Mutation of White Skin, Yakub's Genetic Graft & the Theory of Skin Color by Environment

Below, minus the theory that they were created by their invisible god, are the three theories on the emergence of white skin. (NOTE: I DO NOT EXPAND ON THE LAST THEORY, THE THEORY OF ENVIRONMENTAL ADAPTATION. WHILE IT IS THE … Continue reading

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