John McCain: The New Contageous Melanoma

Senator John McCain is believed to be carrying the new Contagious Skin Cancer strand and many members of the Republican party as well as fellow senator Joe Lieberman, who recently endorsed McCain, may be steering clear of him because they fear contracting it.

This new type of contagious skin cancer is believed to be responsible for the spike in 2007’s reported skin cancer incidents. It is reported that both the ADA and CDC are remaining silent on it fearing a public panic.


The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution

“Wrapped in narcissism and self deceit, Glenna became an advocate of the West’s misinformation campaign about melanoma,” Russwurm said. Though it is suspected she (Glenna) was told by Nantucket Yakub Muslims to denounce her race and testify of her wickedness, sources within the tight knit community would not confirm whether the contact was made.

3. Does Megan Fox Have Her Melanoma Yet?

white man caucasus mountain“God has given white people until 2012 to find another planet to live on,” Jacobi Ail said in a sermon given across his network, Sunday. “Can he return to his birth place in the Caucasus Mountains for protection? No. There is no place upon the earth ultraviolet light pierce.  Many will note 2012 as the date the great and ancient Mayans predicted the destruction of his world. Now, by the grace of God, they have found that God is permitting them the opportunity to escape to any planet outside our solar system before the Ultraviolet Holocaust of 2012.”

5. The Sun of God’s Racism is Holy

1 Devil Every Hour (Featuring: Julie Michelle Lyons Koch)

Skin cancer is not a cancer, it is a curse; and, in actuality, it is “The Curse” prophesied in both the Bible and the Koran foretelling of “fires that burn the wicked.”

7. A Devil’s Melanocytes & Maglucification

Melanoma Confessions: A Devil's Story

Sudden Melanoma; Immediate Metastasization(From the National Cancer Institute) – Melanoma, a type of cancer that usually begins in the melanocytes (the pigment cells) of the skin, is notoriously resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, leaving few treatment options once the cancer has metastasized.

8. Sickle Cell VS Melanoma For Dummies

10. Jenny Steingass Melanoma Execution; Prot
Yakub Sun Worshipers Reissue National Cu

40 Responses to Top10

  1. len says:

    This is a joke, right?

    • andgodmadelight says:

      Yakub has been publicly written of since the coming of Elijah Muhammad. The science of the original Yakub 7 Ali has been being published publicly since the mid 90.

      The question’s apparent hoped answer, “yes” should have had to been asked behind white supremacy and white people’s historically reprobate behavior.

      You insult generations.

      Antioch Hades

  2. Linda L. Ellison says:

    But wait, is it really possible to “insult generations” of idiots? Considering the definition of an idiot is:
    an utterly foolish or senseless person……then I’d say no, it’s actually impossible to insult an idiot.


    Everyone Who Actually Resides In The Real World

  3. andgodmadelight says:

    Everyone Who Actually Resides In The Real World.

    That would be your perverted white real world, no doubt. God, Allah nor Mother Nature have anyone who resides there.

    To be an idiot to the Devil, I don’t have a problem with. It is more important to be able to stand in the Light of the Sun of God and be sinless.

    Ask Julie.


  4. Linda L. Ellison says:

    I just noticed this site is for “Entertainment Purposes Only”…how entertaining.

    ( editorial note: link updated by publisher)

    • andgodmadelight says:

      Like your morally bankrupt forefathers, you are searching in the wrong place.

      By your history, if you had more time to look in the right place, a place within you where God is suppose to sit, you still wouldn’t look.

      Keep looking in your mirror, now. Now there is now alternative for you but to wear your so called UV proof clothes, apply Sun block (yuck) & believe in your invisible god.

      The undercoverblackman can’t save you.

      The Sun of God made his holy light discriminate between blacks and whites and blessed us with this sacred set of knowledge.

      Keep eating, drinking and giving in marriage.

  5. Linda L. Ellison says:

    Dude. I’m black.

    • andgodmadelight says:

      Are you kidding; or, are you serious. It’s alarming that you’re black and don’t know about the original Yakub, the Yakub Muslim movement, the differences between eumelanin and phaeomelanin and the Ultraviolet light sciences.

      It’s even more alarming that you reference someone as the “Undercoverblackman” as your source concerning these things.

      We are a community and a movement. I know you are familiar with the NOI, Destee’s forum and Assata Shakur.

      Are you a black who believes in white people’s invisible god? By your posts, if you are black, it looks and sounds like you do.

      This is not a put down, but there are many of our people who still hold those childish and foolish beliefs.

      The Sun of God, whose name is Jesus, is returned, incase you didn’t know. And, in this – the 2nd Rapture, he has made his light discriminate between those “He” found righteous and those “He” despises. They are burning in “Lakes of Fires.” Meaning, Ultraviolet Light is fire.

      Was Donna a friend of yours or something. If so, and you are really black, it is not impossible that you, just by being around her (and without knowing it) exascerbate her condition. The science is simple. Eumelanin absorbs UV Light. What you can absorb, if you know how, you can project.

      Below are some reference Ms. “This Is Just Entertainment.”

      The 3rd eye (pineal gland) in white people is calcified (hardened, dead); “The white man’s 3rd Eye appears on the back of his dollar bill because the one in his brain has no functionality” – Y7A “Money is his god.” ;
      The pineal gland in blacks (and people of color) is functional (fluid) and contains eumelanin;
      Eumelanin absorbs ultraviolet light;
      Philosophers (Descartes, Plato, Socrates): pineal gland is seat of God in the human body ;
      Pineal gland is the ‘mythological’ 3rd eye,
      Eumelanin is abundant in the hair, skin and eyes of people of color

      What city are you in? Let me know and provide your email address and I’ll find some local connections for you.


      • eeceR says:

        Shit dude, my third eye isnt dead, i just activate it with a little thing called magic mushrooms.

        I’m a white boy and i defy all the bullshit you say about me. Money is in fact not my god, because i don’t have a god, because it causes you to act irrational and racist like your site. I accept blacks, whites, asians, all of them, but i dont accept religious zealot lunatics like yourself because your preaching the death of someone because their skin color, making you equivalent to the “White devil”.

        And just because my skin absorbs rays differently than yours makes me no less of a human than you are. Have fun dwelling in your god perpetuated murder.

      • Antioch Hades says:


        It doesn’t matter what you accept (the very admission of this by you bears witness that your nature is racially discriminatory i.e. “what I accept,” he said with his nose elevated) Eecer, it is now about what accepts you. Too, “what you accept” has nothing to do with what you “fight for.”

        Generation after generation, yours chose the wayward path. You pay your taxes and vote to maintain the racially bias and tyrannical system your degenerate fathers created. The Sun of God has nothing to do with “religion.” You said:

        And just because my skin absorbs rays differently than yours makes me no less of a human than you are.

        While your morally bankrupt enthusiasm’s great, your errors are A) not knowing you’ve never been human, B) Your understanding that your skin actually “absorbs” any light that’s not in one way or another “carcinogenic;” and C) The concept of being “less” than human is one your own kind created. Don’t go rejecting now!

        Your being “mankind” as opposed to “human,” though is no excuse for your race’s historical and contemporary behavior.

        Yours had the opportunity for humanity and rejected – more than once. It is for that reason (your race’s behavior – past and present) that the climatic forces have turned their face against you. Comments continue below(ABOVE, SEE) THE DEVIL’S MONTHLY, SHAMING SKIN SELF EVALUATIONComments continue

        That being said, though, you still regard yourself as excused and will say excusatory and bandwagon(ish) things like “every race has committed racial atrocities” – ignoring the reality that Western imperialism is the impetus of the very atrocities you’d cite.

        Thank you for your comments,

        Antioch Hades

        BTW, Good luck with that “my 3rd Eye isn’t dead thing!” Those “Magic Mushrooms” you’re eating contain eumelanin, like our (black) skin and, like all dark pigmented foods (now) increasing your chances of internal melanoma. You won’t catch that by your monthly skin checks.

      • eceeR says:

        (Link)”Eecer, it is now about what accepts you”

        (Eceer) I don’t give a shit if you accept me because you don’t know me, you only know what your told. Yes the “white devil” has done some pretty fucked up things, that doesn’t mean all white people are like that. Not all black people are as fucking stupid as you.

        (Antioch said:) “A) not knowing you’ve never been human, B) Your understanding that your skin actually “absorbs” any light that’s not in one way or another “carcinogenic;” and C) The concept of being “less” than human is one your own kind created. Don’t go rejecting now!”

        (Eceer) So if “my kind” created it, how is it possible your zealot “god” created a less than equal race? Which means your “god” created people who are less equal. Which means black people created the thought of a less equal race. And if you are preaching that i am a less equal race than by your definition you are the white devil.

        An entire race doesn’t reject a thought or an idea, that’s up to each individual, there are black christians and black muslims, i don’t go around saying all blacks reject the christian god. Because you cant say a race does things all together.

        And your cleaning chart, that’s ridiculous, anyone can clean themselves, and i don’t even go that far. i wipe my ass and shower 2 times a week, so your wrong yet again. Skin checks, lol, what the fuck have you been smoking.

        Anyways, ill keep eating my mushrooms and my lsd, peace bitch.

      • Antioch Hades says:

        It’s not about me accepting you. The Sun of God or let just say light or the sun doesn’t accept you. The Sun of God has broad-stoked your contemptible race. This broad-stroking of it is only reflective of that.

        Your kind were created (grafted) by a scientist in a laboratory. But had the opportunity to embrace and become human and, for wickedness , indecency and perverseness rejected it.

        Again, yours have been condemned by the sun (lower cased to emphasize, in this case, it can be stated w/o the erroneous hint of religion).

        It’s not a cleaning chart, it’s a Melanoma / Skin Plaque Self Examination Chart as published the Western science you believe in.


        BTW, you only shower and wipe your ass twice a week? ROTFLM(NUBIAN)AO!

      • eceeR says:

        Black people can get melanoma on their palms and feet, case closed.

        and i don’t practice western medicine, i smoke the herbs.

      • Antioch Hades says:

        But black people get melanoma too!

        Only in Western science do blacks get melanoma.

        But, Western science is rooted in the flawed concepts of white supremacy.

        In reality, blacks are negatively effected by the sun in places like the palms of our hands & souls of our feet (places of our bodies that don’t receive enough Ultraviolet Light).

        See: LIES page.You don’t practice Western science, but you subscribe to it’s racially motivated “facts.”

        In actuality, I don’t blame you. Your kind are safe in “Western science.” Keep your head buried in it!

        Magic mushroom & LSD white man who doesn’t bathe, the palms of our hands and soles of our feet are places that “don’t receive enough” Ultraviolet light… .

        Outside of Western science, the condition is called Amonalem. It is a condition, because of the truths it reveals about our differences, the Western science don’t you practice – but allude too, doesn’t recognize.

        Good luck with what you don’t practice but allude to.



        If you are interested in what you can do for white salvation, instead of trying to prove you are human, you should start there.

      • Wyze says:

        ..Please Dont Hurt ‘Em!……LM(Nubian)AO!

      • ty says:

        “well-meaning” white boy,

        you may not like this but have you ever heard ” the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son”?

        well, when your ancestors committed certain acts, they doomed their race to destruction.

        This planet, she lives, she breathes, she thinks, and she feels.
        when mother senses a predator, she aggresses.

        its not an individual white person that i have a problem with, but you cannot deny that as a race, they have a body-count like no other.

        two or three “niggas” kill each other, thats bad too, but World Wars, genocide, eco-cide, etc.- no whites have everybody beat, and they gonna have to pay.

        theres a storm brewing on saturn thats made up of the souls of the africans in the slave trade, and the universe will not let white people get away with that even though they were able to build a world empire with the spoils of unrighteous warfare!

        when the son inherits the fathers wealth, he also inherits his fathers debt.

        and truth be told, white american people especially owe a debt to black american people that can only be paid in blood. but nobody likes the truth….

        white folk did the worst brutalities to black people for CENTURIES and then walked off like nothing. and to this day walk around with their nose in the air like they shit dont stink of raping and murdering the innocent and then robbing from their graves.

        f*ck spongebob squarepants!

        They think they got away with it, but they didnt.

      • Antioch Hades says:

        when the son inherits the fathers wealth, he also inherits his fathers debt.

        While, because of the power in it, I only highlighted this single line, this is a tremendous contribution! Yes, they committed their atrocities and walked off like nothing happened and no debt is owed. They have broken all the Divine Laws of the Universe and are pretentious about their crimes. Prophesy, Universal Karma and the Laws of the Universe dictate they have not gotten away with it.


      • ty says:

        u hit the nail on the head!

  6. Linda L. Ellison says:

    No, it was Julie…not Donna. You’re obviously allowed to write anything you want about things you believe in, but I don’t think it’s right for you to use her images (especially pictures with her children).

    • andgodmadelight says:

      You don’t think it’s right? Why Linda, this community doesn’t care what ill believers think. That the Sun of God saw fit to wrap you in ‘His’ chosen skin – that you don’t celebrate – and lets you blaspheme for the devil, is the greatness our Lord.

      The ones that you call children, in those pictures, are not children. They are little devils who, like the creature you call Julie, are reprobate minded and without conscience, consideration and love.

      Antioch Hades.

  7. Rob says:

    Kill yourself

    Love, Rob

  8. Oh, and frankly, Yakub never existed. There is no scientific proof that this fuckhead “created the white race.” And if he did… well… he’s a genius.

    Quit writing shit about my passed mother, and people on the same boat as my passed mother.

    I will find you.

    • andgodmadelight says:

      There is no Western scientific proof. Yakub is written of in the Koran extensively. In the Bible, he is called Jacob. The bible notes his genetic experiments on his father in law’s cattle. The Koran expands more on what his other accomplishments in life were.

      Antioch Hades

  9. Logan Maxwell Hagege says:

    God wouldn’t preach this hate that you are trying to spread, from your weak, cowardly position in front of your computer. Why not let us know where you are and talk in person to us?

    You must have been really hurt by someone in your life. One of the great peacemakers in our world, Bob Marley died of Melanoma. But I’m sure that’s just going to be some white fact, or some made up story from the white devil, right?

    Do yourself a favor and put this effort into something useful.

  10. concerned person says:

    It concerns me that you have all this hate for white people. There are White Believers in the world that die of this everyday. Are they not accepted by Ali. You twist the words of two good books to fit your sick mind.

    Everyone has the freedom of speech, and religon in this country, and that is what both white and black forefather fought for. I am not the smartest person on this planet by any means, but I see you are wrong. Comments continue below:SEE:ALL WHITES R TERRORISTS, by the NationalBlackFootSoldierNetworkComments continue It would be like me comparing all the black on black crimes and killings as the wrath of Ali for being stupid and poor. Is that right or wrong? I feel it is wrong, get a life or go see Ali yourself!

  11. Josh says:

    What you and everyone else fails to realize that there is no separation between us. This reality is a mirror. The outside is a reflection of ourselves. We all are of the same consciousness, created of the same energy, a piece(nothing more, nothing less) of the creator.

    • Rit says:

      I think some of us get so caught up in our material selves we lose site of our spiritual being. You are correct. There is no separation between us. The outer covering doesn’t matter. If the prophecy about White people is true, it will not destroy the GOOD spirits housed inside the outer white skin covering. It will be reborn into a Melaninated shell in order to withstand harsh heat exposure. We hold on to our material self as if it is actually important. When we die, it stays behind. The spirit moves onward. If God is going to destroy evil he will destroy evil spirits, evil souls. White skin is not evil !!! It has nothing to do with it.

      The so called White man has always been obsessed with skin color. Segregation, Nigerence scale, the 3/5ths rule, 1 percent law, etc., and now that same obsession has absorbed into the minds of every person of color. We are a culture who base everything on race: abilities, accomplishments, failures, etc., when race has nothing to do with it. We have taken a step backward in the developmental stage of humanity. Innstead of putting our great minds together for the good of the entire human race, we take a step backwards . Our growth is stunted by are primitive thinking of physical appearances having a bases in superiority. In 1ooo years, who knows, what are primitive minds will do. It won’t be skin color, but maybe ear size, height, eye color.

      I pray for a true awakening for all of humanity.

      • ty says:

        you know i wish it were so that all people were the “same” on the inside. but lies you tell.


        if all people were the same, why would it be so important to singularly deny the ancient history of black people. why is the ancient history of every “race” celebrated and our is attributed to space aliens and imposters?

        why in every movie about egypt the pharaoh/queen is puerto-rican, italian, jewish, russian, or polish? why they never use an ethiopian actress- theres plenty and they are absolutely breathtaking!

        but it is not people of color who have a problem with color.

        white people treat every other “race” like they are rungs on a ladder with them on top, asians, indians and hispanics, and lastly africans.

        he manifests this thru his business dealing. his preferred non-white nation is japan, and china comes in next, but with less respect.

      • Antioch Hades says:

        ****4Star**** contribution, Ty. The lies they have created and told throughout history to support their claims of superiority are horrendous. No, we are not all “the same.” His lies bear veracity of this.

        Antioch Hades

  12. skunkcousins says:

    There is no separation between us. The outer covering doesn’t matter. If the prophecy about White people is true, it will not destroy the GOOD spirits housed inside the outer white skin covering. It will be reborn into a Melaninated shell in order to withstand harsh heat exposure. We hold on to our material self as if it is actually important. When we die, it stays behind. The spirit moves onward. If God is going to destroy evil he will destroy evil spirits, evil souls. White skin is not evil !!! It has nothing to do with it.

    White skin was not evil. Yet those who are covered in it chose the path of evil and fulfilled the prophecy foretold of them. Even in our modern world, this “good spirit” of the white man supports global terrorism and oppression.

    I am fond of this quote: “Once upon a time God made His light fall on the just as well as the unjust all the same. Today His light consumes the skin of the unjust.” …

    Josh’s race has violated and continues to violate Divine Universal Laws. They have proven living peaceably with them is not possible.

    When the Sun of God relents His position against them, I will relent mine. Until that time, as “him,” I will see all whites as damned and worthy of condemnation.

    I pray for a true awakening for all of humanity, also and certainly have respect for your words.


  13. fortek says:

    fuck you and your “divine universal laws”

    the universe may have laws, but they’re not divine. they are blind. nature doesn’t give a fuck what your skin colour is, but if you wanna go ahead and believe that some divine balance is gonna flip the world order and give you everything you feel you deserve, i say more power to ya. its not the most damaging delusion a human being has ever held, but be certain that it is a fucking delusion.

    the ‘sun of god’ has no position on anything you fucktards. its a fucking star. to think that you are somehow chosen by a gigantic ball of burning gas and that it is killing your “enemies” is just as stupid as believing in an invisible god.

    prophecies can bite my fucking ass. people back in ancient times thought they could predict shit? what the fuck did they know? nothing. people making prophecies that concern events thousands of years in the future conveniently aren’t around when it turns out there words were bullshit, so why not go whole hog on it?

    fuck me but ignorance of this level is irritating

    • Antioch Hades says:

      You will have the Universe be blind to your kind’s crimes? Is, then, the Universe “herself” even beneath the great white man? Why, from your rant, it almost appears that she (the Universe) wouldn’t even exist had the Great White Man hadn’t have defined it. You’ll want to review the laws of the Sun too.


  14. Rightous White says:

    If black is beautiful I just shit a masterpiece. Come to think of it both blacks and shit has the same IQ.

    • Antioch Hades says:

      “Rightous White”… You’ve made an oxymoron(ic) combination with the combination of those two words. Enjoy the Light of The Sun of God!

      Antioch Hades

  15. ty says:

    white people (especially the ones who post here) are OBSESSED with everything black. there are plenty of KKK and white supremacy websites, but they are magnetically attracted to a website that lets them know they have an expiration date? how dissonant of them!

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