(BREAKING) NATIONAL CURFEW FOR WHITES (((REINSTATED))) 2017! (((UPDATE & REPORT))) Jakob Christians to (((JOIN))) Yakub Muslims in NCFW regulation!


t4ab-2v2r6_kn22_sh1ll_b4wAre you ready for 2017? Forecasts being given by Western meteorologists are predicting record highs around the globe.

According to Yakub Muslim meteorology scientists, however, it’s what the West isn’t reporting about the climate and the health of creatures composed of pheomelanin vs those composed of eumelanin that’s important.

Accordingly, Yakbub Muslim publishing is releasing “Best Practices for Whites Summer 2017” to “help guide them into new behavioral practices beneficial to their health of their epidermis and faculties when in the presence of beings composed of eumelanin. Yakub Muslim scientist Imhotep Mephistopheles is quoted as saying.  Continue reading

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